From a 1971 meeting of national outdoor organizations and with the slogan “Towards a Foot Trail across Canada”, the National Hiking Trail was launched officially at a ceremony in Ottawa in 1987. Piece by piece, the scenic 10,000 kilometre footpath is growing between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and our long-held vision of a natural corridor connecting existing natural-surface pedestrian trail systems with parklands and wild places is becoming a reality.

The Bruce Trail of Ontario, forerunner of Canada’s modern-day trails system, was the pioneer. Completed in the Centennial Year 1967, its aim is to save the Niagara Escarpment and its unique natural features from the threat of development by establishing 700 kilometres of trail along its length. It started on the remarkable relationship grounded on handshake access permission between land managers and the trail organization, enabling public use of the trails. The same principles were adopted by the National Canada Hiking Trail.

In Canada long hikes and backpacking are among the most popular activities to do in the outdoors. Also gaining in popularity are cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, nature photography, and bird-watching. Obviously, the pleasure, recreation, and mental relaxation of walking in natural surroundings appeals to many of all ages. While some sections ofthe  National Canada Hiking Trail are more challenging than others, every kilometer invites exploration.

The Great Hiking Trail of Canada

Connecting the Atlantic Ocean in the east, through Alberta, and the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Great Trail of Canada is more than 20.000 km long and is the longest hiking trail in the world. The trail incorporates new and already existing trails into one unified and inter-connected network. Going through all major cities in Canada this hiking trail is an ideal trip for people that want to explore the outdoors and still be able to rest in a city at the end of the day. You could start your say at the small town of Squamish or Whistler in BC and descent towards Vancouver for the night, or begin by exploring the nature around the Niagara Falls and lake Ontario, one of the best places to hike in Canada, and head back to Toronto for an amazing night on the town.
The Great Trail of Canada offers long hikes through the wilderness and open spaces of the country and passes through many cities along the way. While resting for the night, many people like to go out and spend time exploring the cities, visiting tourists sites and museums. Other prefer to spend their time having fun and go to clubs, restaurants and casinos. Yes, there is nothing like winning a jackpot on the slots to boost your energy to continue your hiking trip trough Canada.



In fact, there has been a rise in so called ‘hiking gamblers’, people that like to combine hiking on the trails of Canada and spending their evenings visiting casinos in the cities. If you are one of these people or you like the idea of long hikes in Canada, then The Great Trail of Canada could be the perfect hiking vacation for you. Just imagine arriving at a city after a long and exhausting day of hiking, getting some rest and food, and going to a casino to play some slot games, blackjack or try your luck at the roulette table. Before you go to the casino you can always practice some games on legal online casinos and mobile casino apps.

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